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Jazz Funeral Fundraiser Beth Blues.L-R Don Lewis,Glenn Barnhill,Jr, Elayne Cannarozzi.CAP.CCJazz Funeral.view from behind.CCJazz Funeral.view from behind2.CCJazz Funeral.view from behind the trombone.CCJazz Funeral 6-MCountsJazz Funeral 5-MCountsJazz Funeral 4-MCountsJazz Funeral 3-MCountsJazz Funeral 2-MCountsJazz Funeral 1-MCountsJazz Funeral.Sister Marie Wright and Paul Jankovic lead the casket of summer to it's demise.CCJazz Funeral.casket of 2011.CCJazz Funeral.Sister Marie Wright and Steve Edmonds dancing.CCJazz Funeral.Guest Conductor Lizzie strikes up the band2.CCJazz Funeral.Guest Conductor Lizzie strikes up the band.CCJazz Funeral Lifeguards 1-MCountsJazz Funeral Lifeguards 2-MCountsJazz Funeral 7-MCounts